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Physician Formulated

Formulated by a medical doctor who has years of experience helping diabetics

“As prediabetics, we love to start our
dayoff the right way with our delicious stick pack
of DMB. It’s like drinking a delicious chocolate brownie
shake. This includes all of the nutrients we need to
help support our blood sugar throughout the day”


Nature has a way of helping all of us

Our product is one of the first of its kind. With 4 herbs including vanadium sulfate to help give this product a little punch to your sugars. When we decided to put herbs into a flavored shake, we took a chance to create a less than desired tasting product; however, because of our amazing formulator, we were able to
include herbs such as pterocarpus marsupium, which has tons of clinical evidence to support blood sugar.

Easy to carry

No need to carry a large canister anymore.

Take an entire daily dose on your way to work or just one when you head out for a quick trip to the store.

Each person needs their required vitamins and minerals in order to keep the cells in their bodies functioning properly. DMB has included all

Counter Imitation Seal

We go beyond for your convenience

Our sleek design allows you open the box with ease.

Simply pull off the diecut line and you are ready to go

No more pills

Powders instead of pills

Combine a flavor that you love.

Now you can easily mix it with you favorite daily drinks

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